About the Event

As South-East Asia’s economies, populations and urban spaces continue to grow, so too does the need and scale of construction projects. Developers and project owners are committed to creating larger, more ambitious and iconic buildings and infrastructure than ever before. Safe, green, sustainable, high-performing and visually impressive – the projects of the next generation need to tick many boxes. The problem is how to tick them all while delivering their project on time and within budget.

Construction is ripe for disruption. A McKinsey & Co report listed construction as the 21st (out of 22) most digitized major industry on earth (second only to agriculture). With regulations tightening, sustainability standards strengthening, project delivery times shortening, cost restrictions sharpening, design possibilities enhancing and safety demands unabating, the built environment eco-system is having to transform to catch up and get in front.


Why attend?

Come be a part of the discussion on how global best practice and innovation can enhance your projects and overcome design, engineering and efficiency challenges. Through global and regional case studies and expertise – find out the latest insights into how innovation can help you maximise the technology, tools and processes now available to power change and revolutionise the future of the built environment.

Companies are starting to explore their potential and understand how best to adopt and implement these tools to enhance design, speed up construction, reduce costs and carbon emissions, improve profitability and efficiency, and also create a smarter, more diverse industry.

Who should attend?

The aim of the event is to give project owners, architects, design consultants, engineers, suppliers and the whole construction eco-system the latest insights into what is possible with both technologies and design to bring their future projects to life. Different companies, even different departments, are at different stages on their digital transformation journey. How can some adopt a digital model within their business from scratch? How can some enhance what they have and ensure a seamless transition through the phases. Some companies need to know how automation, robotics and artificial intelligence will impact their manpower and profit projections moving forward. Others will want to understand how design automation, machine learning and IoT will lead to a more efficient and safe worksite while ensuring timely project delivery. Others might just be looking for one piece of kit that will make their processes more efficient. So many possibilities, many options, come learn from the best.


  • Government Construction Authorities
  • Government Project Owners
  • Metro/ Transport Authorities
  • Developers
  • Architects
  • Design Consultants
  • Engineering Consultants
  • Contractors
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Material Suppliers


  • CEOs, CTOs, CIOs
  • Digital Delivery Director
  • Head of Transformation
  • BIM Advisor, Director, Manager
  • Technical Director
  • Principal/Lead Designer
  • Project Director
  • General Manager
  • Country Manager
  • Head of Design
  • Principal Architect

Sponsorship Opportunities

Benefits of sponsoring

If you have a new product that the market doesn’t know about? Does it fix a problem they don’t even know they have? If you have a presence elsewhere but not in Asia? If you are a first mover and want to be front of mind in the market, or a leader who wants to remain in place, our audience is attending to find out the latest information on how their world will be influenced by technology on their digital transformation journey. Whether internal or external, change is imminent and they are in need of help to get where they want to be. If you can help them with any of the above, why not come and be a part of the event, show some thought leadership to an active audience at a time when you can influence their procurement decisions.

There are numerous ways to engage with our audience from presentation a case study to hosting a reception so to find out more please email us on sponsorship@globaleventsource.net to understand how we can bring you closer to some business.


  • BIM Software
  • Construction Software
  • Digital Transformation Technology
  • Digital Transformation Advisory
  • Cloud solutions
  • Automation
  • Robotics
  • 3D Printing
  • Data Analytics
  • Drone Manufacturers
  • SMART solutions
  • PropTech solutions


  • Conference Sponsor
  • Associate Sponsor
  • Technology Spotlight Sponsor
  • Networking Exhibition Package

*Other options such as Lunch, Drinks and Breakfast Sponsorship are available, please enquire for more information.

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